This is table #2 and these are
freak elk antlers.  The ones to
your left are antlers that never
made a main beam.  They only
have a guard tine, and some of
them are over 30 inches long.  
same bull two years in a row.
The middle ones are short
stubby antlers that are big The  
ones to the right are antlers that
grew straight up with no points.  
They are, what I call my unicorn
in the door to your right, that
is a center table. On this table
are large mule deer antlers
and antlers with several

This is half of the table and
the other half will be number 8.

I don't think I have measured
any of these antlers
individually but they are my
largest sheds.
This table is
covered with freak
deer antlers.  
There is a little bit
of everything here .
Some have drop
tines and some are
just twisted.  
Others have
abnormal points.
This table is
the same as #
3.   Again,
drop tines and
just weird
things that
happen to
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