The year was 1958 and I, as a  ten year old, took a short walk
from my parents home made trailer up a creek into the timber.  I
stumbled onto an old set of elk antlers and packed them back
to camp.  A few days later I hiked a little further and brought
home a couple old white elk antlers.  To this day, when I find a
shed I get the same rush as I did then.  Antler hunting is in my

It’s been over 50 years and I’m still hiking in the foothills and
mountains looking for antlers.  Over the years I have traded
antlers for antlers.  During the 80’s I sold 600 brown elk and
1500 deer sheds to help put three daughters through college.  
One thing I have never done is bought an antler or a set.
I don’t have anything against those who do but I just never
have.   Pound for pound I have packed every antler you are
going to see.

I created this web site to get in touch with people out there who
share the same interests, giving them a chance to exchange
photos, ideas, and to tell stories about their experiences.

I have put up a building 30 by 64 to house my collection and
spent two and half years setting up the inside the way I wanted
the display.  I have over 1
6,000 antlers displayed in it now.
Antler Collection
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