This is the door coming into the
shed and also the only door
leaving the shed.  It is a foot
thick and insulated as is this wall.

I used 2 points to make the
design around the edges.  

The door set on the skull is a
4x4 with a 6" spread at the
This is the right side of the wall.  Many of these sets are 30" or
more.  Many of them I found as winter kills, and some I traded
for over the years.

The elk set in the center is a 360 plus bull.  To tell the truth I
never have measured it but many people who have viewed it
think so.

Two of the sets below the elk set are very nice bucks, and they
have never been measured for the Boone and Crockett.

The deer set in the center has 7 on one side and 6 on the other.

Against the wall are some huge elk sheds.  The matched pair in
the center weigh about 20 lbs each.  The shed to the left of the
matched shed set is a 7 point with an 8th point growing out of
the back of it that is 8" around and 20" long.

There are not only rocks in the mortar work, but also elk horn
burrs - I have over 200 in the shed.
This is the left side of the wall.  Again there
are many 30" bucks.  The problem with
putting a bunch of large racks together on one
wall is that they don't look that large.

The elk set in the center is a 6 by 7 and very
large.  It was given to me years ago.  The
royal tines are over 25".

The deer set in the center is a large 4 by 4
with a bullet lodged at the base of the right

The 2 deer sets under the elk set were found
in the same area, about a year apart.  Both
were winter kills.

The shed set of elk in the center are also very
large and weigh 17 lbs each.  I packed them
out about 5 miles with 14 other elk sheds and
about 25 deer sheds.
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